Exterior of Chalet la Cantera, 20 places

If you are looking for a special and original place combining with the rural world and Luxury, wrapped in a house that meets all these conditions with a great privacy, the Chalet la Cantera is your destination. Live your experiences outside the Chalet. There are several environments that you can enjoy at every moment of the day and live unforgettable moments.

Pool: (7 x 3 m.) Following the architecture of the house, the sidewalks of the pool and the interior are made with travertine marble and at night you can enjoy the lights of Chromotherapy with decorative water jets. Inside Includes a beach to sunbathe with 30 cm of water. The pool has the saline water to enjoy the Comfort and Comfort and has an alarm to reinforce the anti-fall safety. Towels are included for the pool.

Barbecue: 5 m. long that includes zone of bar and zone of countertop with sink, grate of meat and fish, Turbine so that the coal has a good embers, Included sack of 5 Kg of coal.

Pergola: 32 m2. with capacity for 20 people, two electric awnings with remote control, furniture (table and chairs included)