Spa Area

In the Spa area, located inside the Chalet la Cantera. You will find a place that is fully decorated and designed for your Relax and with the typical decoration of the area.

The Spa Zone where you will find the most authentic Relax, immerse yourself in the waters of the jacuzzi, you can relax and tone your whole body.

Let yourself go and enjoy .....

In the Sauna you can continue living this dream and benefit from good stimulation and blood circulation, oxygenation of the whole body, clean toxins from the skin and improve the elasticity of muscle tissue.

Benefits of using the sauna for our health

A sauna session will bring us, thanks to the heat, relaxation and the elimination of tensions, both physical and mental. By releasing endorphins it will act as a stress reliever, and it will help us fight insomnia and tiredness due to stress.
It will also be a great ally for our skin, as it will help purify it, eliminate toxins, and increase its defenses.
At the cardiorespiratory level it will clean our airways by improving our lung functions, improve blood flow and help our heart pump harder.
But in addition, it will be of great help for the elimination of cellulite and adiposities, as well as to improve bone, muscle, neuralgia or joint stiffness.

Surely you will like it ....